Backstabber To Release “Conspiracy Theorist” Album

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ALBUM: Backstabber - Conspiracy TheoristALBUM: Backstabber – Conspiracy Theorist

Canada Rockband Backstabber is releasing their first full-length album “Conspiracy Theorist”. The 10 track album is a wild introduction including subjects of embarrassments, an investigate of prevailing press and schemes, for example, empty Earth.

Staying old fashioned, there are no spotless vocals or breakdowns here, only a strong and develop passing/whip metal album, with great stream and clear idea in the tracks and structures.

“‘Conspiracy Theorist’ is an album that is intended to open your brain about the manner in which the world spins around us as it offers another viewpoint on numerous issues that we find in our lives.” says vocalist/guitarist Christian M. Thériault

BACKSTABBER as of now has two singles out from “Conspiracy Theorist”, “Underground” and “No Privacy”. “Underground” is a quick paced return to the inheritance of Admiral Richard E. Byrd and the hypothesis of Hollow Earth, which was apparently inquired about amid World War II by both German and American powers.

Hailing from Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada, Backstabber is a considerable passing/whip metal trio roused by tricks, new innovations, rationality, and history. Covering countless all through their music, Backstabber can be compared to an ‘unstable presence’ with no hinting of what course they will take straightaway, musically.

Beginning with subjects and step by step including riffs, drums, bass lastly vocals, they pride themselves on complimenting their structures with enthusiastic and intuitive live shows, the whole explanation behind them composing their music.

Anxious to convey crude and wild metal to the ears of audience members, Backstabber has recorded their first full-length “Conspiracy Theorist” set to be discharged February 15, 2019.

Backstabber has imparted the phase to Cattle Decapitation, Depths of Hatred, First Fragment, Ending Tyranny, Insurrection, Blinded by Faith, Aepoch and then some.

ALBUM Backstabber Conspiracy Theorist Zip Download Tracklist below:

1. Inaugural Address (1:18)
2. Whistle Blower (2:46)
3. No Privacy (3:35)
4. Subterranean (3:26)
5. Ink Spill (3:19)
6. The Hum (1:55)
7. My Disclosure (3:32)
8. Geo Engineering (3:37)
9. Banksters (4:06)
10. Conspiracy Theorist (4:50)

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