ALBUM: Feed Me – High Street Creeps (Zip)

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ALBUM: Feed Me - High Street Creeps (Zip)ALBUM: Feed Me – High Street Creeps (Zip) Download

Feed Me have released his first album in six years titled High Street Creeps. The new LP is a follow up his 2013 presentation LP Calamari Tuesday.

High Street Creeps contains 10 tracks altogether, including “Feel Love” highlighting Roosie Doonan, which will be discharged on February 8. The tracklist and pre-request will likewise be discharged on February 8. “Feel Love” can be pre-spared now. A second single “Sleepless” will pursue on February 15.

“Sleepless” marks the second single off his sophomore full length undertaking and it’s a totally unexpected vibe in comparison to his driving single, “Feel Love.” Haunting verses and exceptional melodies are intertwined with Feed Me’s signature, substantial hitting electro sound. The outcome is an exciting ride, which abandons us anxious to hear more.

Feed Me hasn’t been absolutely quiet in the middle of albums, discharging around an EP a year (until 2018), including his extensive EP Feed Me’s Family Reunion in 2016. In 2015, he discharged his presentation album under his Spor moniker and afterward continued to visit on the back of that.

With respect to why it took six years for an album to come to fulfillment, he says that he has been storing up a great deal of music, yet wasn’t exactly certain the time had come to say everything together into the album design.

“I’d amassed a great deal of material since my last album, yet it set aside quite a while for me to feel like it was the perfect time to do another,” clarifies Feed Me in a statement. “My life had changed a great deal since, I’d experienced a ton of encounters and it felt overpowering to attempt and consolidate a rambling mass of sentiments and thoughts into another story.”

A ton has changed, clearly, since 2013 — both in common terms and all the more explicitly as Feed Me. With six years and four Feed Me EPs between collections, Gooch’s melodic style has advanced and developed significantly more than it had previously.

Contrasted with Calamari Tuesday, High Street Creeps is much less in-your-face electro house and serious sounds and synths. Rather, it weaves forward and backward between progressively high-vitality tracks like “Restless” and “Barrel Roll” and other more poppy tracks like “Feel Love” and “Pumpkin Eyes.”

There’s no uncertainty that a great deal of Feed Me fans will feel this collection is a long ways from the Feed Me they were acquainted with in 2011 with Feed Me’s Big Adventure — and they’re correct. It is a ton extraordinary. Be that as it may, there has been a characteristic movement in the course of recent years and it truly makes a reasonable piece of sense elaborately, particularly when you consider this statement from Feed Me.

“With the second collection it was composed all over the world, over a major spread of time. Motivating the outlook to distil it into something compatible meant a ton of thought,” says FEED ME. “I traveled to LA with my entire setup for some time and drove around setting up and working with various vocalists and specialists which was the direct opposite of how I had dependably functioned; some of it was composed there, some in my studio, and some far from the case in a manner of speaking. I’ve begun to adore making music or outlining thoughts from a screen and I needed that reflected in there, as well. It traverses numerous years and a major change, notwithstanding building my own studio, and a major learning knowledge.”

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