HBO Denies Reports That ‘Leaving Neverland Documentary’ Was Pulled Down

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HBO Denies Reports That 'Leaving Neverland Documentary' Was Pulled DownHBO Denies Reports That ‘Leaving Neverland Documentary’ Was Pulled Down

In spite of a few reports, Leaving Neverland has not been pulled from HBO programming.

Not long ago, bits of gossip started coursing that the top notch link arrange expelled the two-section narrative arrangement that nitty gritty the sexual maltreatment claims against Michael Jackson. Various outlets announced Leaving Neverland was at first planned to air all through the spring and summer months; nonetheless, many brought up that HBO’s legitimate site had just a single TV posting for the narrative, driving numerous to dishonestly trust HBO had pulled the attachment.

“That report is false. Leaving Neverland is accessible on HBO through April sixteenth and after that will keep on being accessible on HBO NOW and HBO GO,” HBO told Complex. “It is currently the second most viewed [documentary] on HBO in 10 years having contacted 7.5 million individuals for Part 1.”

About a month subsequent to Leaving Neverland debuted on HBO, Jackson biographer Mike Smallcombe detailed a disparity in the film. Smallcombe indicated the record of James Safechuck, who claims he was attacked by Jackson somewhere in the range of 1988 and 1992. Safechuck said one of the supposed occurrences occurred in a room over Neverland’s train station—a case Smallcombe has considered outlandish. The biographer has given photographic proof that demonstrates development of the train station didn’t start until 1993 and did not open until 1994.

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