Liam Hemsworth Impressed by Miley Cyrus Engagement Ring

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Liam Hemsworth Impressed by Miley Cyrus Engagement RingLiam Hemsworth Impressed by Miley Cyrus Engagement Ring

Liam Hemsworth himself is awed with the wedding band he gave spouse Miley Cyrus. The 29-year-old performing actor talked about Cyrus and her ring’s CGI-like shimmer on Wednesday’s scene of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon following their wedding.

Hemsworth went to the G’Day USA function with Cyrus in January, where photographic artists caught an image of the 26-year-old artist in the group of onlookers. Her ring radiated an unmistakable “bling,” or shimmer, in the photo.

“There’s a couple of various shakes on there – not to gloat – but rather there’s a couple diverse rocks,” Hemsworth said of the ring.

“I thought it was CGI when I originally observed that,” he included of the depiction. “I was persuaded that it was CGI in light of the fact that it completed an all out, simply ‘bing!'”

Hemsworth had lauded Cyrus during his discourse at the entertainment pageant.

“I delivered the discourse and I alluded to her as my significant other. Definitely, individuals loved that. Huge, huge cheer,” the star reviewed.

“I began saying decent things regarding her and afterward she needed more, clearly,” he said. “[I was like,] I’ll reveal to you when I return home.'”

Hemsworth and Cyrus discreetly got married at their home in Franklin, Tenn., in December. Cyrus voiced her adoration and admiration for Hemsworth in a post on his birthday the following month, saying, “Thank you for giving me the most joyful days of my life.”


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