Official Video: Asap Rocky – Kids Turned Out Fine

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Official Video: Asap Rocky - Kids Turned Out FineOfficial Video: Asap Rocky – Kids Turned Out Fine A$AP Rocky proceeds with his music video hot streak with “Kids Turned Out Fine.”

A$AP Rocky’s Testing was disruptive, without a doubt. While some valued Flacko’s deviation from conventionalism, others yearned for the rapper to bounce on “bangers.” Still, the collection yielded numerous snapshots of inventive brightness, with tunes like “Fukk Sleep,” “Tony Tone,” “Commendation The Lord,” and “Kids Turned Out Fine” sparkling specifically. By no fortuitous event, the four tracks have all been allowed the visual treatment, with “Kids Turned Out Fine” the most recent to get the respect. In obvious Rocky form, the clasp highlights astounding cinematography, asserting a generally trusted thought: with regards to music recordings, the man does not miss.

“Kids Turned Out Fine” is outwardly shocking, as executive Dexter Navy breathes life into Rocky’s verses through one hallucinogenic trek. With consistent advances and a cheerful, nostalgic vibe, Rocky’s most recent single catches the easy, blustery nature of the music. At any rate, until the end, when crap hits the fan. See with your own eyes, and make sure to help A$AP’s true to life cause.

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