Trevor Jackson – Warning

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Trevor Jackson - WarningTrevor Jackson – Warning

As he gets ready for the release of his new Album Rough Drafts, Pt. 2 , Trevor Jackson has now come through with the primary single to lead into the undertaking titled “Warning.” The song is also accompanied with a new video for it. On the cut, Jackson goes up against a commonplace job as a youthful heartbreaker, with clear brags about his status, his faction and the high possibilities he has of leaving with your young lady.

With the cut, Jackson additionally conveys on another clasp, adopting on a true to life strategy as the storyline pursues Trevor as the leader of a gathering of apparently susceptible young fellows and ladies who face separation while endeavoring to feast out. Coming through with a lot of comedic help is dark ish and individual developed ish star Deon Cole.

“This is my curve on what it resembles to be Black in America, or any minority so far as that is concerned,” Jackson tells Billboard of the video. “Denounced, judged, and punished all because of your appearance. So I chose to have a fabulous time and the possibility of our existence versus their concept of us.”

Lyrics to go:

Look at my chain (Uh), look at my wrist (Ooh)
Look at my gang (Gang), look at my clique (Clique, clique)
We go insane (‘Sane), on asylum shit (We so cray)
And we make a mess (Woo), on some childish shit (Yeah, ooh)
And we’ll never change (We’ll never change)
When we walk in the party, hold on to your shawty that’s a warning (Ooh-ooh)
We gon’ break all the hundreds and throw it
‘Cause she love to dance (She love to dance)
If you’re not careful she might wake up with me in the morning (Me in the morning)
That’s just a warning (Ooh)
‘Cause we run the game – Trevor Jackson

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